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The International Federation of Fe y Alegría gains special consultative status in ECOSOC

Following significant negotiations, the International Federation of Fe y Alegría has been recognized by the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations (ECOSOC) as having special consultative status.

ECOSOC serves as a forum for discussing international economic and social concerns and formulating policy recommendations directed toward Member States and the United Nations system. This UN body is especially committed to facilitating international economic and educational cooperation as well as promoting universal respect for fundamental human rights and freedoms.

The special consultative status offered to the Federation of Fe y Alegría is an important opportunity to actively participate in the workings of ECOSOC as well as with other programs and organizational bodies of the Secretariat of the United Nations. This agreement opens the possibility for the Federation to consult with various Member States and with the United Nations system in general, regarding the nature and scope of the work carried out by Fe y Alegría.

At the same time, the Federation will have access to information regarding the ECOSOC agenda and will be able to offer recommendations to the Committee. With this new status, it will be possible to place issues on the agenda that are of special interest to the Federation, through the Nongovernmental Organizations committee. Finally, the Federation of Fe y Alegría will also be able to participate as an observer in various UN conferences, events, and activities.

We look forward to beginning the research process in order to better understand the role Fe y Alegría has to play within the structure of ECOSOC.



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