Workshop ’11 / Taller ’11

General Workshop – Loyola 18-23 June 2011

 Objectives of the workshop:

  • Receive some training regarding international ignatian advocacy and networking
  • Help the Core Groups become effective Working Groups
  • Establish a plan of action (for the next 1,5 years) in each one of the Networks with a clear calendar and responsibilities for the Core Group Members

Agenda of the Workshop

  9:00* – 11:00 11:30 – 13:00 15:30 – 17:00 17:30 – 19:00
Saturday18th of JuneAdvocacy Presentations(Patxi Alvarez, Luis Arancibia and Leonard Chiti) St Ignatius as advocator Visit St Ignatius’ house(José Ignacio García) International advocacy and influence(Julian Filochowski –1) Core Groups Meetings (1)Forethoughts
Sunday19th of JuneInternational Networking for Advocacy Networks and Advocacy(Julian Filochowski–2) Networks and Advocacy(Tom Greene) Kinds of Networks(DM Solomon) CG Meetings (2) – Forethoughts CG Meetings (3) – Forethoughts (continuation)
Monday20th of JuneEnabling Capacities Project GIAN and Enabling Capacities project(Lucía Rodríguez) CG Meetings (4) – Enabling Project Visit to Arrupe Etxea (Bilbao)
Tuesday21th of JuneMapping Proposal for MAPPING(Luis Arancibia) CG Meetings (5) – Internal Mapping CG Meetings (6) – External Mapping Plenary – Mapping
Wednesday22nd of JuneIgnatian Planning Proposal for Ignatian PLANNING(Patxi Álvarez) CG Meetings (7) – Planning CG Meetings (8) – Planning Members and Communication(Dani Villanueva)
Plenary – Planning
Thursday23rd of JuneCommon Needs CG Meetings (9) – Members & Comm. Common Needs and Proposals Plenary – Summing up Plenary – Evaluation
CG Meetings (10) – Summing up
Timetable 8:15 9:00* – 11:00 11:00 11:30 – 13:00 13:30
Breakfast 1st SESSION Break 2nd SESSION Lunch
  15:30 – 17:00 17:00 17:30 – 19:00 20:00 21:00
3rd SESSION Break 4th SESSION Mass Dinne

* Every day we begin with a short prayer of 15’

>> We are requested to be punctual and respect the timetable. Lunch and dinner timing is important for the people working at the house.

Click below and enter the password you have received to access the pages of the different networks.

Acceden las páginas de los redes con la palabra llave que han recibido.

Migration // Migraciones
Peace and Human Rights // Paz y Derechos Humanos
Right to Education // Derecho a la Educación
Governance of natural and mineral resources // Gobernanza de recursos naturales y minerales
Ecology // Ecología


  Participants Netw-Conf
ECOLOGY José Alejandro Aguilar SJ ECO-AL
Pedro Walpole SJ ECO-AP
José Ignacio García SJ (coord) ECO-EUR
Lucía Rodríguez (coord) EDU-AL
Luis Ugalde SJ EDU-AL
Trevor Miranda SJ EDU-SA
César Torres SJ GNMR-AL
Julie Edwards GNMR-AP
Alicia Alemán GNMR-EUR
DM Solomon SJ (coord) GNMR-SA
Walter Fernandes SJ GNMR-SA
MIGRATIONS Rafael Moreno SJ (coord) MIG-AL
Denis Kim SJ MIG-AP
Luis Miguel Muñoz SJ MIG-EUR
Pep Buades SJ MIG-EUR
Xavier Jeyaraj SJ MIG-SA
Tom Greene SJ MIG-US
PEACE & HUMAN RIGHTS Leonard Chiti SJ (coord) PHR-AFR
Mauricio García Duran SJ PHR-AL
David Hollenbach SJ PHR-US
  Dani Villanueva SJ EXP-EUR
  Julian Filochowski EXP-EUR
  Marcos Ibáñez OBS-EUR
  Martín Iriberri SJ OBS-EUR
  Mary Tere Guzmán OBS-EUR
  Myriam Artola OBS-EUR
  Nacho Eguizabal OBS-EUR
  Luis Arancibia FAC-EUR
  Patxi Álvarez SJ SJES-EUR
  Uta Sievers SJES-EUR
  José María Segura SJ TRA-EUR



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