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Bishops and Extractive Industries: A Human Face of Mining (Katherine Marshall)

In far flung corners of the world, religious leaders are protesting against mining companies and projects. What are their complaints? In Guatemala, they argue that gold mining poisons the water table, in Chad that painfully negotiated revenues that promised to ease the pain of poverty are nowhere in sight, in Ecuador that oil drilling devastates … Continue reading

La Campaña Mundial por la Educación sends a letter to the World Bank President calling for greater commitment to basic education

Due to the non-compliance of the World Bank in fulfilling its commitment to create a fund of 750 million dollars to promote basic education in the most impoverished countries, the Campaña Mundial por la Educación (Global Campaign for Education- GCE) has sent a letter to the President of the World Bank. This letter calls for … Continue reading

The International Federation of Fe y Alegría gains special consultative status in ECOSOC

Following significant negotiations, the International Federation of Fe y Alegría has been recognized by the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations (ECOSOC) as having special consultative status. ECOSOC serves as a forum for discussing international economic and social concerns and formulating policy recommendations directed toward Member States and the United Nations system. This … Continue reading

David Hollenbach SJ discusses new responsibilities of South Sudan

In August, Father David Hollenbach, a member of the Global Ignatian Advocacy Network on Peace and Human Rights, conducted a workshop for leaders of the Catholic community of South Sudan in the national capital of Juba and addressed South Sudan’s Parliament on the role of moral values in shaping the institutions of the World’s newest country. … Continue reading

The Global Ignatian Advocacy Network in Africa

“What is this GIAN thing that takes you away from the community every so often?”, asked one of the members of my community not too long ago. I was about to respond to him when I realised that the Secretary of the Social Justice and Ecology Secretariat at the Curia (SJES) was due to visit … Continue reading

Múltiples retos para la red de Ecología

Inmediatamente que comenzamos a hablar sobre cuestiones ecológicas nos encontramos con la dificultad de la “extensión” de los temas que podemos encontrar bajo este título. Sin duda alguna la variedad de temas que uno puede encontrar cuando trata de cuestiones ecológicas puede ser una fuente de desánimo: tantos problemas y tan variados es una invitación … Continue reading

The Challenge of Advocacy: memories of a struggle in the 1980s (George Mutholil SJ)

The Loyola GIAN workshop is my first formal contact with the Network initiative, other than reading about it in the newsletters or listening to some talk or other. Beginning with the presentations of Julian, the presentations and much more the group work in the core group have given me a new understanding of the challenge … Continue reading

Sunday and Monday in pictures

In the steps of Saint Ignatius the advocate

This morning, José Ignacio García SJ took us on a tour of the birthplace of Saint Ignatius, the house where his family lived and where he had his conversion experience after his leg was shattered by a cannon ball. At four different “stations” around the house, we listened to texts from Saint Ignatius to find … Continue reading

“And now our feet are standing within your gates, O Loyola”

They started arriving in Bilbao on Monday, the 13th of June 2011. From Kinshasa to Seoul; Bogota to Boston; from Melbourne to Madrid; Lusaka to London: they all streamed into Bilbao for onward travel to Loyola. The first to arrive was Augustin Kalubi SJ and the last was MK George SJ today. They are members … Continue reading