GIAN: Leaders Meeting 2012


November 10 – 14, 2012, Rome

Objectives of the meeting:
1. To present the works done by the networks and to have a common understanding of where we are
2. To decide on: a) the follow-up steps and b) the key actions for the coming months / years in each of the networks
3. To prepare the plan for keeping the GIAN initiative as a common effort of different networks
4. To come out with some recommendations for networking in the future


* Every day we begin with a short prayer (less than 15 minutes) at 8:30: see the proposals at the end
** List of GIAN common concerns: these are the concerns or questions that we really need to deal with in order to make GIAN networks active in the future. We should make a list and prioritize it. What is given in the following list are only some of them. We can add more as we reflect:
1. They might be related
1) to us (leaders, SJES…) or
2) to others (Conference Presidents, Social Coordinators, Central Governance of the SJ etc …)
2. They can be
1) practical: how to develop the networks in the present circumstances?
2) theoretical: what would be best?
3. Some of these questions could also be:
1) On Structure: a) global hub?, b) core groups?, c) leaders?
2) Role of the Conference Coordinators, Province Coordinators, Conference Presidents
3) Conference networks / Inter-conference / Global networks
4) Inter – sectorial networks, collaboration
5) External opportunities and challenges (NGOs, Other networks etc.)
6) Role of SJES
7) Funding
8) Common image?
9) Any other…

Reference Documents:

  1. International Jesuit Networking – Boston
  2. Cycle of the Mission – Boston
  3. Without Getting Diluted – Jorge Cela
  4. Cómo trabajar en red sin diluirse en el intento – Jorge Cela

Position Papers:

  1. Ecology – ENGLISH, ESPAÑOL
  2. Right to Education – ENGLISHESPAÑOL
  3. Governance of Natural and Mineral Resources
  4. Migration and Displacement – ENGLISHESPAÑOL
  5. Peace and Human Rights

Mapping Results:

  1. Ecology –In Word
  2. Right to Education
  3. Governance of Natural and Mineral Resources
  4. Migration and Displacement – In Word
  5. Peace and Human Rights

Action Plans:

  1. Ecology
  2. Right to Education
  3. GNMR – Global PlanConference Plan
  4. Migration and Displacement
  5. Peace and Human Rights – Strategic PlanGreat Lakes action Plan

Executive Summary:

  1. GIAN – Introduction: ENGLISH
  2. Right to Education: ENGLISH
  3. Ecology: ENGLISH
  5. Migration & Displacement: ENGLISHESPAÑOL
  6. Peace & Human Rights: ENGLISH


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