Experiences – Experiencias

On this page, you can find some of the experiences in advocacy that the participants are bringing to the workshop. They have been collected by means of a questionnaire which people were asked to either fill in or use as a guidance. Experiences in English:

Adivasis (Indigenous People’s) struggle to protect their Land against Multinational and National mining agencies (India)

Bishops’ Conference JPIC: A social research on conscientious objection to seminarians in 2007 (Korea)

CLC-CVX: Advocacy activities

Entreculturas: Advocacy activities (global)

ICSI: Lobby for an urban land reform law and the repeal of the anti-squatting law in the Philippines

International Gender and Trade Network (global)

Jesuit Shareholder Advocacy (USA)

JCTR Advocacy for Free and Quality Education (Zambia)

JRS: Amendment to the South Africa Refugee Act

JSS: Dropping off the edge: The distribution of disadvantage in Australia

JSRI: Advocacy coalition opposing anti-immigrant legislation in the Louisiana legislature (USA)

Magis: The Resources of the Diverse (Italy-Albania)

OCIPE: Relational Peace Advocacy Network project (Democratic Republic of Congo, Belgium, USA)

Tribals obtaining compensation from the government for land acquired by by government for the fourlaning of major Highway (India)

Pueden descargar aquí las experiencias in español:



Centro ProDH: Aprehensión y liberación de Concepción Moreno Arteaga, defensora de los derechos de los migrantes (México)

Fe y Alegría: Campaña de incidencia política “COMPROMISO POR LA EDUCACIÓN” (República Dominicana, Haiti, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Perú, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, Paraguay, Brasil, El Salvador, Honduras, Panamá, Nicaragua, España)

Pueblos Unidos: Primeros pasos en la incidencia pública (España)



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