Migration Workshop 2012

GIAN – Migration Specific Workshop
Madrid 24th – 28th of September, 2012


Accommodation : Santísima Trinidad 32, Madrid (Jesuit Community)
Meeting Hall : Univ. Comillas, Alberto Aguilera 23

Objectives of the workshop:

1. Training on international networking for Ignatian advocacy
2. Reflect on the internal and external mapping
3. Determine advocacy issues (at Conference, inter-Conference and global levels)
4. Decide network’s future planning
5. Approve position paper
6. Decide leadership, structure, meetings and finance

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Position Paper for Download in PDF: — >> Draft Position Paper on Migration 

Internal and External Mappings

During the last year the Core Group members coming from the different Conferences  have prepared a narrative report of the internal and external mappings. It is a very well done job that will give you an idea of how the Society is responding to the situation of migrants  at the global level.   
In our workshop in September we will have time to listen from the Core Group members the contents of these narrative reports. They will focus in those areas that might be most useful for a global network. 
It is good if you can have a look at the reports before our workshop. You have them at the bottom of this page. If you want to open the documents, you just have to double click on the icons. The documents are all in English except the one from Africa which is in French. For those of you who cannot read it, wait for the presentation that they will do in Madrid. Printed copies will not be provided. 

Mapping Reports for Download in PDF:

— >> South Asia
— >> Asia Pacific
— >> Africa
— >>CPAL Internal,  CPAL external
— >> Europe
— >> USA

Proposals received for the action plan of GIAN – Migration

Introduction: During the last months members from the Core Group and other experts have contributed to a possible future action plan of the network, sending different proposals. We used the chart you will find on the 2nd page of this document. The contents of these proposals appear in this document without specifying all the details that they contain. The area of proposals are given below in PDF file as they are:

a) Research Topics

b) Latin American Proposals

c) Global advocacy proposals: English Proposal 1 and Proposal 2; Spanish Proposal 1 and Proposal 2

d) Unaccompanied Children as migrants

On the Objectives of the Network:


1) General objective (Mission):

Provide unity, consistency and effectiveness at a global level to the responses that the Society gives to migrants and displaced people. 

2) Specific objectives (ad extra):

a) Promote and defend the human rights of vulnerable migrants and displaced people and their families, through an advocacy based on pastoral and social accompaniment, research, training and promotion of migrants’ organizations. 
b) Face the structural causes that provoke the different types of human migration. 
c) Raise awareness in the societies of our Conferences, so that they may think and assume the social transformations that migration, displacement and refuge bring. 
d) Link the Society with other networks and initiatives (civil or Church ones) that are dealing with migration, taking part in global campaigns that other networks are promoting.

3) Specific objectives (ad intra):

a) Raise awareness among Jesuits about the situation of migrants and displaced people, making them understood the need of a Society’s integral and continental response and placing this issue in the Society’s agendas
b) Link this network with other GIAN networks and with JRS

About the Structure: 

1) We need a network made on Conference networks and intersectorial, with the aim of offering a global and integral response
2) At the global level keep the core group as it is now
3) At the Conference level each member of the Core Group should have a coordination team where the different interprovincial regions may be represented.
4) At the regional level (several Provinces) only those institutions that already have some advocacy experience should take part. 

About the process for the constitution of the network:

1) In 2013 Conference networks are consolidated
2) In 2014 we begin at the global level


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