Ecology – Ecología

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Draft Vision of the Ecology Network

  • Creation, the gift of God, is a source of development that has fed the human divide of those who have and those who do not to the point that all are at risk and the poor bear the present and immediate brunt of this growing global concern.
  • Centrality of poor and grounded on gratitude we engage
  • Community discernment personal involvement – we are part of the mineral exploitation and called to conversion of the heart
  • Effects of environmental crisis on the poor, marginalized, migrants, indigenous people
  • Our commitment draws on the spiritual sources of our mission and the need for reconciliation with God, neighbour and creation
  • We collaborate offering the best of our tradition, collaboration with others, magis (generosity, quality, creativity, passion),
  • Core group already a community of discernment
  • Deep and prophetic description of the thematic issue and the need to reckon with the consequences of our action.
  • Our Christian/Ignatian reading of phenomenon awakens our sensitivity to mystery beyond rational and technical domination
  • Sources of our hope, need interviews and narratives of hope
  • There is an invitation to respond, to be a healing presence full of care and dignity in places where the truth and joy of life are diminishing.
  • The struggle for dignified living stretches across all in our societies from utter deprivation to abusive consumption
  • Our degrading land, rivers, seas and all life are no longer sustainable given the energy, water and mineral consumption and their impacts on the poor played out in global society
  • There are few easy answers; we are called to investigate how we must live and bear witness.
  • Contemplating the signs of the times, discerning the mission, we seek new ways of living ecological solidarity.
  • We need to identify and act with lay collaborators and social movements, local to universal.
  • Connect and participate in the broader search for respect, responsibility and accountability for the environment and how all people live with dignity.

Existing Mappings on Ecology

Mappings exist for the Conferences of Latin America and Asia Pacific.


This is a proposal that we will discuss in Loyola. Versión castellana abajo.



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