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La Campaña Mundial por la Educación sends a letter to the World Bank President calling for greater commitment to basic education

Due to the non-compliance of the World Bank in fulfilling its commitment to create a fund of 750 million dollars to promote basic education in the most impoverished countries, the Campaña Mundial por la Educación (Global Campaign for Education- GCE) has sent a letter to the President of the World Bank. This letter calls for a stronger commitment to basic education on the part of this institution, encouraging the World Bank to follow through on its promise made in September 2010 before the United Nations. The letter was delivered before the celebration of the Global Partnership for Education, which begins today, November 8, in Copenhagen.

The latest figures show that the World Bank has not increased its commitment but rather the fund for basic education has diminished considerably. In 2011, the World Bank only budgeted 327 million dollars for basic education in low-income countries, its lowest commitment since 1999 and much lower than the most recent average of close to a billion dollars.

The Campaña Mundial por la Educación, is an international movement of civil society organizations, teachers’ unions, and social movements that is present in more than 120 countries. Various Jesuit organizations, including the International Federation of Fe y Alegría, the Spanish foundations Alboan and Entreculturas, and Fundaçao Gonçalo da Silveira of Portugal form part of the GCE.



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