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La Campaña Mundial por la Educación sends a letter to the World Bank President calling for greater commitment to basic education

Due to the non-compliance of the World Bank in fulfilling its commitment to create a fund of 750 million dollars to promote basic education in the most impoverished countries, the Campaña Mundial por la Educación (Global Campaign for Education- GCE) has sent a letter to the President of the World Bank. This letter calls for … Continue reading

Kerala, a ‘Dubai’ for Bengali Migrants

As I took my seat in Coromandal Express at Chennai Central station to go to Calcutta two months ago, I found 4 young boys between the ages of 18 and 25, already in the compartment stuffing a lot of luggage under the seat where I had my berth. They were my co-passengers in the same … Continue reading

The Global Ignatian Advocacy Network in Africa

“What is this GIAN thing that takes you away from the community every so often?”, asked one of the members of my community not too long ago. I was about to respond to him when I realised that the Secretary of the Social Justice and Ecology Secretariat at the Curia (SJES) was due to visit … Continue reading

The Challenge of Advocacy: memories of a struggle in the 1980s (George Mutholil SJ)

The Loyola GIAN workshop is my first formal contact with the Network initiative, other than reading about it in the newsletters or listening to some talk or other. Beginning with the presentations of Julian, the presentations and much more the group work in the core group have given me a new understanding of the challenge … Continue reading

Sunday and Monday in pictures

Hear the cry of the Poor, and help them tell their story – not yours! (Tom Greene SJ)

The title of this piece is a refrain for me as I advocate on behalf of the poor and marginalized. It developed from the experience of watching Nelio (not his actual name,) a young Honduran boy in immigration court in Houston, Texas. His case had been called up and he sat alone at the Respondent’s … Continue reading

In the steps of Saint Ignatius the advocate

This morning, José Ignacio García SJ took us on a tour of the birthplace of Saint Ignatius, the house where his family lived and where he had his conversion experience after his leg was shattered by a cannon ball. At four different “stations” around the house, we listened to texts from Saint Ignatius to find … Continue reading

Global Ignatian Advocacy Network: Defending the poor in a globalised world

A response to the call of General Congregation 35: “The complexity of the problems we face and the richness of the opportunities offered demand that we engage in building bridges between rich and poor and establishing advocacy links of mutual support between those who hold political power and those who find it difficult to voice … Continue reading

Articles about the Ignatian Advocacy Workshop

The Entreculturas communications department has been busy writing about the workshop and interviewing participants. Today, the English versions have been placed on their website, click on the links to access the articles: The Jesuits work on advocacy (about the workshop) – para leer el articulo en español, pulsen aquí. Advocacy in India (interview with Xavier … Continue reading

The last day: the real action starts

Saturday 15 November was the last day of the workshop, a day under the title “Where do we go? To which frontiers is the Lord calling us?”. One participant and member of the Facilitating Team from India, Xavier Jeyaraj, left the following comment on this blog which describes beautifully what most of us felt: Having … Continue reading