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“And now our feet are standing within your gates, O Loyola”

They started arriving in Bilbao on Monday, the 13th of June 2011. From Kinshasa to Seoul; Bogota to Boston; from Melbourne to Madrid; Lusaka to London: they all streamed into Bilbao for onward travel to Loyola. The first to arrive was Augustin Kalubi SJ and the last was MK George SJ today. They are members … Continue reading

Discurso de apertura

Taller sobre Incidencia Ignaciana El Escorial noviembre 2008 Elías Royón, S.J. Como Provincial de España es para mí un honor acoger en Madrid la celebración de este Taller de Incidencia ignaciana. Mi más cordial bienvenida a todos los participantes que representáis la universalidad del cuerpo de la Compañía y de sus colaboradores en el trabajo … Continue reading

Articles about the Ignatian Advocacy Workshop

The Entreculturas communications department has been busy writing about the workshop and interviewing participants. Today, the English versions have been placed on their website, click on the links to access the articles: The Jesuits work on advocacy (about the workshop) – para leer el articulo en español, pulsen aquí. Advocacy in India (interview with Xavier … Continue reading

The last day: the real action starts

Saturday 15 November was the last day of the workshop, a day under the title “Where do we go? To which frontiers is the Lord calling us?”. One participant and member of the Facilitating Team from India, Xavier Jeyaraj, left the following comment on this blog which describes beautifully what most of us felt: Having … Continue reading

A day of action

Today was going to be the “tough” day, when all the great ideas of the last few days would have to be shaped into something that could become actions. It turns out that the morning was a bit of a rough ride but an agreement was eventually reached over how to form groups around topics … Continue reading

A day of reflection on action

The hightlight of today was without question the presentation by José Maria “Chema” Vera, an external expert that the organisers had invited to help us step back and learn from the insights of other organisations. The lively question round that ensued focussed on the Society of Jesus and how the structures and procedures that Mr … Continue reading

A day of reflection

Yesterday’s presentations of the four case studies needed some digesting. This was done in small groups who were asked to discuss the following questions: How does my own experience relate to the case studies? What is Ignatian abou the experience? I was especially interested to hear the answers to the second question, and here are … Continue reading

A day of experiences (2)

The second half of this day of experiences started with the presentation of SAPI, the South Asian Peoples’ Initiative, by Joseph Xavier. Christianity is one of the smaller religions of India and as a result, 80% of the people SAPI works for and with are non-Christians. However, this does not preclude spirituality from playing an … Continue reading

A day of experiences (1)

Today, Tuesday 11 November, started with a rosy dawn over the plains stretching from El Escorial, where we are, all the way to Madrid, where we have come from yesterday: Our morning prayer (including this video) reflected on the situation of the world, which we then asked God to transform so that God’s kingdom of … Continue reading

The first evening

After over a year of preparations, we have reached our destination: El Escorial, where the Ignatian Advocacy Workshop takes place from 10 to 16 November 2008. The name of the workshop gives an indication of what is supposed to happen here: “Ignatian”, in the spirit of Saint Ignatius, gathering Jesuit initiatives and those that are … Continue reading