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A day of reflection on action

Sunrise over El Escorial

The hightlight of today was without question the presentation by José Maria “Chema” Vera, an external expert that the organisers had invited to help us step back and learn from the insights of other organisations. The lively question round that ensued focussed on the Society of Jesus and how the structures and procedures that Mr Vera had recommended could be transformed to fit our own ‘organisational model’.

The second part of the morning was dedicated to a panel discussion of three Jesuit organisations that are already doing advocacy on international level, and their structures and planning procedures:

  • Jesuit Refugee Service (Michael Gallagher)
  • Fe y Alegría (Luis Arancibia)
  • International Jesuit Network on Development (Jim Hug)

Panel discussion

In the afternoon, the participants took a well-deserved break and visited the world-famous monastery of El Escorial. (pictures courtesy to Emmanuelle Devuyst)




About utaroma

I'm the Officer for Advocacy Networks and Communication of the Social Justice and Ecology Secretariat at the Jesuit Curia in Rome. Or, shorter and sweeter: passionate about writing, fighting and networking for the greater glory of God.


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